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STEM Enrichment for curious minds




 Our goal is to provide a safe environment and motivates   students to reach their full potential through our STEM programs. Students will learn to design, build, and program robots while   developing engineering, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Our program helps students develop   into independent, confident, individuals who believe they have the power to   bring concepts and ideas to life.  


We will introduce all kind of robotics systems (Dash, Dot, Boost, WeDo, EV3). Club Students will learn how to design, program robots using fun, kid-friendly, software while developing mechanical, engineering, and problem-solving skills. They will also explore the exciting world of robotics using a powerful microcomputer brick, digital sensors, and intuitive drag-and-drop programming software modules. Members will have opportunity to select into FLL Jr and FLL Robotics Invitational Clubs to compete as team.   We will provide Kit & Laptop for in-class use.  

  Apart from Math, Language Arts, Robotics and programming, kids will also explore fun scholastic chess and board games, which provide young minds with balanced learning opportunities, while they have fun.  


 Computer Programming: 

Grade K - 3 students will learn Scratch Programming Language (Developed by M.I.T). Scratch programming language makes it easy and fun to create interactive stories, games, and animations and share them. We design this class for children of all grade levels with or without any prior programming experience who wish to express their online creations artistically while understanding the basics of creative computing. The classroom projects will help them explore Art, Storytelling, and Games. These activities will comprise of elements of music, design, drawing, dance, characters, scenes, narratives, goals, and rules.

Grade 4 - 6 students will learn Python, one of the most widely used languages in the software industry. Python is an excellent starter language because it’s easy to read and work. In Beginners session we will focus on fundamental computer science concepts, controls, and data structures. Also, we introduce best practices for coding and debugging in Python. Concepts taught include statements and variables, expressions, conditionals, Boolean, while loops, randomness, and libraries. We want to assume that the children have no previous coding experience to make their foundation strong. 


Math Problem Solving: 

Our Math programs designed to get student's focused attention and challenge them by building a strong math foundation through creative problem solving. Our curriculum is developed based on Art of Problem Solving and Singapore Math curriculum, and in alignment with Common Core standard.  Math competitions train students to be flexible and creative thinkers.  The best way to prepare for math contests is to do lots of practice problems and learn the material necessary to solve the problems. There are also many books and online handouts/lectures you can use to improve your problem-solving skills.  We offer unique tests and analysis / review

Center Location: 

Bellevue (Medina Academy Campus)

Redmond Downtown,

Redmond Ridge.

 We are partnering with Young Explorers, Medina Academy, Fun and Study, and other local providers  in running our programs to provide opportunities to  learn different STEM topics on ALL weekdays.    Radiance Learning designed this ALL-IN-ONE Club to provide opportunities to our students to learn different STEM topics on ALL weekdays and Saturdays. They can participate in Robotics, Programming, Math Problem Solving, and Competition Prep.