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STEM Enrichment for curious minds

STEM Enrichment for curious minds

STEM Enrichment for curious mindsSTEM Enrichment for curious minds

We introduce STEM in fun ways to kids and help them develop into future leaders. We offer classes and summer camps in Redmond

About Us



To stimulate children’s interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math at a younger age. Our goal is to introduce these STEM subjects in fun ways and also help kids develop into future leaders.

Highly Qualified Educators


Learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. Most of our educators have achieved an advanced degree in their field. Our instructors are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their classes.

Individualized Curriculum


Whether your student wants to design a game, or build a robot, we have it all. We offer Programming, Robotics, Science, and Math. Courses are individualized to challenge students at their current skill level.




 "My kids have been going to Radiance Learning for more than two years now and just love the school, the teachers, and the whole environment. They also went for summer camp most of the summer last year and want to go here only this year. We love the school. It’s run by some very passionate people and it clearly shows. They are stem-focused, in a very nurturing environment. The teachers and the founder are always available and are happy to listen to you and your child to make it a great experience for everyone. I was amazed at the amount of fun my kids had at the camp last year – park trips, board games, etc. along with some fun robot races, chess competitions, and eng creations. And the teachers were so understanding with my daughter who had just finished K last year by offering her a variety of things to do during the day so she’s happy and motivated all day. I remember them having a ton of little kids board games already and then going out and buying more games and craft supplies specifically for younger kids. They are awesome! It’s my kids one and only summer camp location choice this year." 

- Mom of 5th and 1st Grader



Radiance Learning has been great for my daughter as it's been helping appease her curiosity, be it with arts/crafts, robotics, scratch or math problems/puzzles. We have checked out several other after school programs and this has been our favorite. She has a lot of fun, so much that she doesn't want to be picked up early. The teachers really know the kids well, truly care about them and give them a lot of one to one attention which plays an important role in the kids development. They focus on explaining concepts and motivate kids in different ways. Overall, it is a great, well-structured after school program with positive environment encouraging kids to have fun with STEM. We highly recommend it to anyone interested in enrichment programs for their kids. 

 - Parents of 1st Grader (attended after-school STEM Enrichment and Gifted Prep classes) 



 At the start of the school year, I took my third grader to the school to try robotics and scratch programming one day a week. She was anxious that the environment might be high pressure and competitive, and I was anxious for her. Fast forward 4 months, and she calls the school her home!! She goes 3 days a week, and if she didn't have other commitments, she will want to go every day of the week. It is not just that her stamina and appetite for math and robotics have shot up, it is actually more like the wonderful teachers, every single one of them - have brought out her real self to thrive and enjoy problem solving in a gentle and nurturing environment that she enjoys doing math 7 days a week with no nagging or reminding needed, and loves robotics and programming. It is like being in a gifted program without the stress. Its a joy to see her thrive. The school is a real blessing for us. 

-  Mom of a 3rd Grader



“You have been doing a great job in helping both our kids with their math learning. As I mentioned earlier, the math packets are of very good quality –  you must be putting quite a bit of effort in to this as the packets are coming out as both challenging and interesting at the same time for kids! I myself feel like picking up a paper and solving it.  Math & Science are difficult subjects to teach, and your passion for teaching rubs off on the students too – both feel excited in coming to your classes.”

“We can clearly see their interest level for Math went up in the last 5-6 weeks. They are getting more engrossed in math problems and trying to solve some of your questions even while we were driving around. Our younger was proud yesterday that her teacher grouped her as stronger in math, along with a couple of other students.”

“Thank you for all your hard work! You are making a material difference in kid’s lives!”

- Parent of 4th and 8th Grader



My son (who is 7) went to a week long robotics camp this summer and had an awesome time. The activities were nicely structured so he could go at his own pace. There were clear directions that encouraged him to take responsibility for his own learning but he was also allowed to creatively deviate when he wanted to. He came home every day excited about learning which was so different than after a normal day at school. 

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