What our customers say...

 Radiance Learning has been great for my daughter as it's been helping appease her curiosity, be it with arts/crafts, robotics, scratch or math problems/puzzles. We have checked out several other after school programs and this has been our favorite. She has a lot of fun, so much that she doesn't want to be picked up early. The teachers really know the kids well, truly care about them and give them a lot of one to one attention which plays an important role in the kids development. They focus on explaining concepts and motivate kids in different ways. Overall, it is a great, well-structured after school program with positive environment encouraging kids to have fun with STEM. We highly recommend it to anyone interested in enrichment programs for their kids. 

 - Parents of 1st Grader (attended after-school STEM Enrichment and Gifted Prep classes) 

Medina After-school Program Overview


Radiance Learning is partnering with

Medina Academy in offering a comprehensive after-school enrichment program with outdoor and indoor activities. 


 We  introduce subjects like Robotics and Programming to young minds. We provide a safe and fun learning environment and motivate students to reach their potential. 


We aim to build a strong math foundation through creative problem solving.  We blend challenging word problems  to build strong thinking and creative problem solving skills. 


Our goal is to provide a safe environment and motivates students to reach his or her full potential through our STEM enrichment programs.  

 What makes us stand out? 

  • Our classes include hands-on, fun learning activities for students. 
  • Our classes are conducted by passionate and knowledgeable teachers.


We offer an array of exciting enrichment activities to choose from for each week day: 

  • Robotics Design and Programming
  • Computer Programming in Scratch
  • Creative Math Problem Solving and Math Olympiad
  • Homework Support
  •  Arabic Homework Support



  • ALL Programs: $430.00 (Monthly)
  • 4-day Programs: $360.00 (Monthly)
  • Computer Programming (Tuesdays):  $200 for 8-Sessions 
  • Robotics Engineering (Thursdays) : $200 for 8-Sessions
  • Drop-off Fee (Regular Day): $35.00
  • Drop-off Fee (Long Friday): $50.00