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STEM Enrichment for curious minds

What our customers say...

 Radiance Learning has been great for my daughter as it's been helping appease her curiosity, be it with arts/crafts, robotics, scratch or math problems/puzzles. We have checked out several other after school programs and this has been our favorite. She has a lot of fun, so much that she doesn't want to be picked up early. The teachers really know the kids well, truly care about them and give them a lot of one to one attention which plays an important role in the kids development. They focus on explaining concepts and motivate kids in different ways. Overall, it is a great, well-structured after school program with positive environment encouraging kids to have fun with STEM. We highly recommend it to anyone interested in enrichment programs for their kids. 

 - Parents of 1st Grader (attended after-school STEM Enrichment and Gifted Prep classes) 

Medina After-school Program Overview


Radiance Learning is partnering with

Medina Academy in offering a comprehensive after-school enrichment program with outdoor and indoor activities. 


 We  introduce subjects like Robotics and Programming to young minds. We provide a safe and fun learning environment and motivate students to reach their potential. 


We aim to build a strong math foundation through creative problem solving.  We blend challenging word problems  to build strong thinking and creative problem solving skills. 


Our goal is to provide a safe environment and motivates students to reach his or her full potential through our STEM enrichment programs.  

 What makes us stand out? 

  • Our classes include hands-on, fun learning activities for students. 
  • Our classes are conducted by passionate and knowledgeable teachers.

 This club will enable them to build structurally, maneuver successfully through challenges, and equip themselves with S.T.E.M. knowledge and skills.  


We offer an array of exciting enrichment activities to choose from for each week day: 


 Tuesdays: Computer   Programming in Scratch:   Introduces Computer Programming and Problem solving to all students who wish   to learn and create some fun projects 

 Wednesdays: Painting   and Crafts By Sharadha Arts:   Acrylic painting, Birdhouse painting, Cardboard letter Art, Veggie Canvas   painting, and more. Learn to do   painting and crafts in 8 sessions. 

Thursdays: Robotics   Engineering:   Introduces Robotics Design and programming to all students. Students will   learn to design and program robots using kid-friendly software while   developing mechanical, engineering, and problem-solving skills. 


Center Location: Medina Academy

Required Minimum:  8 kids. 

We will provide Kit & Laptop for in-class use.  Students will work as an individual or as a team to complete appropriate level projects.

Robotics: 130/month

Arts: 160/month

Programming: 130/month